The Fourth Messenger (Earthpillar e-book novelette)

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The Fourth Messenger

Some said Priestess Azra was a saint, guided by the divine in all things and her birth marked with omens. Yet she struggled to decipher her visions while keeping within the bounds set by her cautious bishop.

Others branded her a heretic, prone to fabrication and falsehoods, and corrupting of the young and weak of mind. As the ranks of Azra’s adherents swelled, she became a threat not only to the established clergy, but also the expansionist aims of her king.

Later generations agreed that Azra was the beginning of a bloody schism that would span two continents and last for centuries.

Product Description

This is an Earthpillar medieval short story, provided in EPUB and MOBI eBook formats. First edition.

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About the Author

Christopher C. Fuchs writes the Earthpillar novels and half-tales from Virginia. His debut novel, Lords of Deception, released October 2019, is the core of a nonlinear matrix of books and short stories that allow readers to wander and explore an epic alternative Earth through medieval, early modern, and steampunk adventures. Read more at

  • The Fourth Messenger short story in two eBook formats: EPUB and MOBI.

  • The Fourth Messenger short story in two eBook formats: EPUB and MOBI.
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The Fourth Messenger (Earthpillar e-book novelette)

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